summer refresh-MINT beauty recipes

this post is all about all-natural ways to refresh and renew your body this summer using MINT! mint is cooling, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory; the perfect summer plant!

summer refresh-MINT beauty recipes

these recipes are nice little refreshMINTs from head to toe!

please do consult your healthcare professional and local certified herbalist and aromatherapist to ensure any herbs and EOs used are okay for you (no contraindications for any ailments).  Continue reading summer refresh-MINT beauty recipes


spotlight on spirulina

today we’re all about ALGAE!

spirulina has long been touted for its health benefits when ingested, but let’s explore some topical uses for this great green growth!

spirulina - your new beauty secret weapon!

spirulina is a type of edible algae that is high in antioxidants, protein, and B-vitamins. you’ll most likely find it in its dark green powdered form, but when hydrated it’s a beautiful deep green-blue color. it’s widely known as a green “superfood”, but is lesser known as a possible amazing addition to common DIY products!

when researched, spirulina has been shown to increase elasticity of the skin, even skin tone, decrease fine lines, decrease darker spots, and improve the appearance of dark circles. quite the power food, right? try adding it into some of your daily beauty products:

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moisturizing face masks

with the cold weather upon (most) of us, dry skin can be a problem, even if we don’t battle it year-round. the air is naturally drier, as is our hair, scalp, and skin.

keeping your face clean is a must, but we don’t want to dry it out even more as we wash it. the OCM (oil cleansing method) is a great way to keep our skin clean and moisturized, but it doesn’t work for everyone, and can be time consuming for a regular routine.

face masks are a great way to pamper yourself and  your skin, all while keeping it clean and toxin-free.

these masks are for dry skin (of course you can use them year-round!) and are completely DIY… my favorite! you can do these masks 2 to 3 times a week, as they will not clog pores and are geared towards sensitive skin (yes, even acne-prone skin).

moisturizing face masks


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exfoliating MSM face mask

hey crunchies! today i have something i’m very excited to share with you (and i hope you’re excited about what it does!). i gave you a little teaser on instagram, but it definitely looked like some sort of melted ice cream. haha!

exfoliating and healing MSM mask

it’s an exfoliating face mask that also:

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