heatless curls VIDEO. finally.

i’ve had a few readers ask about my heatless curls, so ive decided to do my first video (be kind, haha) and hopefully help ya 🙂 im also posting pictures below the video of the days following after i used the flexi-rods. and you already know i dont use mousse or gel or hairspray or anything.

if you haven’t yet, see my original post for heatless curls HERE!

this video doesn’t show me rolling my entire head (because i already have a post for that) but shows the TWO different techniques. the second is my favorite!

day one of heatless curls (and GRADUATION DAY!)


day two:


day three:




heatless curls

i have an inner hippie that loves all things green, non-chemicalish and non-damaging. i also have hair that refuses to do anything but be itself. one time i used an ENTIRE bottle of hairspray to keep my curls in for a wedding. guess how long that lasted? about 4 hours. THANKS, hair gods! >:/ i tried the “rag curl” method…. let’s just say my wavy curls fell out within a half hour. dang it!! (i’ll post about that escapade later)

well, i finally found a way to make my hair stay curly or wavy…without heat and without product!! naturally, i LOVE this method and absolutely have to share it with everyone!! and guess what? it only takes about two hours to set OR you can sleep with this overnight. WOO!

(after you read this post, i have a video showing the technique HERE)

heatless curls (using flexi-rods)

here’s what i started out with:

i bought these orange and blue “Diane Long Twist Flex Rods” off amazon.com for about $9 for both packages, no shipping! i bought two colors for the two sizes and went about mid-size of everything they have and i love it! i also use the 10” flexi rods because my hair is so long. each package has 6 flexi rods, and for the big, beautiful loose curls i want, i usually use about 7 total cuz my hair is ridiculously thick. for more curls, use more flexi rods!

i also used a water spray bottle with a few drops of leave-conditioner mixed in it, a brush and a clip to hold sections of my hair back.

1. brush and lightly spray hair. then divide into sections where you want your curls.

2. take a flexi rod and wrap each section of your hair around each flexi rod.
i usually only go up to my chin so my hair isn’t extremely curly. the higher up you go, the more curls. it’s also really pretty to curl the ends of your hair. i have a natural wave to my hair so it helps 🙂 here’s how ridiculous you’ll look when you’re done rolling your hair up:

3. for this next step, you can either wait about two hours (make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you take the flexi rods out) OR you can sleep with them in overnight.
(i found that sleeping with them in makes for an easier, faster morning and the curls last way longer. but then again, i refuse to use any hair products that will leave build up on my hair or damage it. i can imagine with some mousse or hairspray you can stick to the two hour rule!)
Take each flexi rod out, and BAM!!
HELLO, heatless curls!!

this picture was taken after leaving the flexi rods in for two hours.

matt wanted in a pic too. gotta love him 🙂

have you guys tried this? are you going to? tell me all about it!! can’t wait to hear!
don’t forget to see the video for the technique 🙂