5 years shamPHREE (+ announcement)

it’s been 5 years since i put Dove down and gave the crunchy world a try with my hair care routine.

i originally started this whole journey because i was in grad school and broke, and D.I.Y. was cheap. but the more i dug into the d.i.y. and green beauty movement, the more hooked i was. slowly but surely, it took over every aspect of my skin and hair care. this very blog went from a college lifestyle blog to a d.i.y. green beauty blog… and here i am.

and it all started over some baking soda and vinegar…


what changes have i noticed?

my hair is stronger and shinier. i seem to keep cutting it off lately so i can’t speak to length, but it did get quite long and stayed thick for the years before i chopped it off.

what have i learned?

1. patience. hardcore patience. the kind of patience where you walk around looking and smelling weird for a few weeks, unsure of if you’ll burst out the other side of the journey a beautiful butterfly.
2. try, try again. i can’t count how many failures i’ve had along the way – how many days i left the house with terrible hair trying to figure it out, or how many recipes i had to go through before something worked. perseverance has been key.
3. you don’t answer to anyone but yourself. don’t let anyone put you down, judge you, or make fun of you for wanting to improve your health in any aspect. i personally like to believe that those people will see the light and come around one day.

will i go back?

no. for me, the green beauty way of life is just my way of life. i’ve gone from baking soda and vinegar to low-‘poos, to water-only, to now co-washing, but i won’t go back to conventional hair products.

what hair products do i recommend?

  • shampoo/conditioner – Calia, hands down. their hydrating conditioner is what i use for my co-wash, but all of their shampoo and conditioner types are great ingredient-wise.
  • shampoo/conditioner – Josh Rosebrook – “nourish” shampoo and conditioner. it’s a little pricier than Calia, but it’s some dreamy stuff. JR is a god.
  • hair oil – d.i.y. it. it’s cheaper and just as, if not more, effective. here are my favorite hair oils.

anything else you want to know? i feel like i’m missing something!


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.11.39 PM

this journey has lead me to something amazing… i am FINALLY starting my own business! everything is a work in progress, but if you’d like to watch my growth, you can find me on instagram at @kietabotanicals and online at http://www.kietabotanicals.com

if you’d like to get involved and help in the pre-launch stages, i have a market research survey on skincare available now RIGHT HERE. answers are anonymous and the survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

thank you so much for all your support, in any aspect! you all have been so great to me and each other and i’m incredibly grateful.

cheers to a new journey.


favorite hair oils

over the past few years, i’ve shared a lot about my own personal hair care routines and things i use. for this post, i wanted to give credit to a few oils that have stood the test of time in my journey. hopefully they can sneak their way onto your bathroom counters and shelves, too (if they haven’t already)!


as always, make sure your oils are pure, cold-pressed, and organic or wild-harvested (even better).

UNGURAHUA – moisturizing, shine boosting, strengthening, nourishing, healing

hands down, this greenish-yellowish oil takes the cake for haircare as far as i’m concerned. sourced from central and south america, this seed oil, rich in omega-9, is touted for its wide range of hair uses, including healing scalp issues, taming frizz, intensive moisturizing, helping with hair loss, and boosting shine. it only takes 3 to 4 drops to make my hair lustrous and super soft, usually done once a week mid-way between weekly “washes.” disclaimer: this oil smells like an earthy barn. i’m not quite sure how to describe it, but it could use some essential oil action if you’re sensitive to smells, especially if you’re using more than a few drops at once.
i bought my latest bottle here (not an affiliate; just trying to help). it’s a little pricey at about $8/ounce, but it will last a long time and is well worth the money.

CHIA SEED – nourishing & hydrating

this light yellow seed oil is lightweight and chock full of omega fatty acids. it’ll leave your hair moisturized and smooth, also helping to promote hair growth and soothe dry/itchy scalps. best of all – it’s a kickbutt body oil that absorbs super fast! note – please keep this oil in the fridge once opened. note II – this oil is edible!
i bought my latest bottle here (again, not an affiliate) for about $4/ounce.

HEMP SEED – nourishing & hydrating

most likely old news to you, but hemp seed oil, containing omega-3/6/9, is still one of my favorites for hair and body. it’s healing and hydrating, absorbing quickly in small amounts. you can use it to promote hair growth with its follicle nourishing properties, or soothe scalp issues. it’s a cool, swampy green and has a little bit of a seedy/earthy smell. it does go rancid more quickly than other oils, so like chia seed oil, please keep this in the fridge once you open it and use it quickly. note – this oil is edible!
i bought mine here (again, not an affiliate).

learning about and testing various oils has been one of my favorite parts of my green beauty journey. please share your favorite hair oils below!

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combat frizz, fly-aways, and static

the weather is starting to get cooler! we know what that can mean… worse cases of our little friend enemy, static, is just around the corner. my poor little boy knows this better than i do…

look at dat mane!

what causes frizz and static?

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