i answer google search terms that brought people to my blog – PT 2

  welcome back! 🙂  here we are again, almost exactly 1 year later (ha...), reviewing my blog stats and getting to read what people searched to wind up on this site. black walnut hair dye  this was by far the most searched term that drove organic views to this site in the last year. yes, [...]

lighten your hair naturally

after my post about dying your hair darker with walnuts went live on AE, i've had lots of questions about how to lighten hair naturally. lightening hair is always more involved, because it involves removing color from the hair (instead of depositing color for "darker" shades). by removing color, you're typically using harsher chemicals and [...]

natural hair dye

since i've gone no-'poo and started using all organic body products, it's been REALLY hard to not dye my hair. i used to dye it every month and a half to two months. completely horrible for my hair, i know!! well, now i've ventured into the world of natural hair dyes! since i want to go [...]