no-poo motivation series – nina’s story

hey crunchies! tonight is very, very special, as it is our first no-poo motivation series guest post! it's from the lovely nina ❀ she's kept in touch her whole journey and i was so so so excited that she was willing to share her story with all of us! --------------------------------------------- Hi guys! My name is [...]

tips for ROM success

if you follow me, you know the ROM has been a long journey for me... and i was already a no-'poo-er. i thought i'd share some things i learned along the way that really helped my transition! make sure your hair has been clarified at some point before your ROM transition. it'll help drastically! there'll [...]

sweat & no-‘poo

surprise double whammy day for NO-'POO WEEK since i've been asked about this so many times. woohoo! up for round 2 today is how to deal with sweaty head & no-'poo. heavy workouts? hot, humid days? steamy shower/bath? let's see what we can do to stay clean AND no-'poo-- i've ideas into categories based on [...]

low-‘poo options

welcome back to NO-POO WEEK, day 6! sadly, almost done... as we know, no-'poo isn't for everyone. & when it does work, it's not really a "one-size fits all" deal. it's so tricky and different for everyone! so what happens when no-'poo doesn't work? or if you want to get away from the chemicals, but [...]