i answer google search terms that brought people to my blog – PT 2


welcome back! 🙂 

here we are again, almost exactly 1 year later (ha…), reviewing my blog stats and getting to read what people searched to wind up on this site.


black walnut hair dye 

this was by far the most searched term that drove organic views to this site in the last year. yes, i have dyed my hair with black walnuts, and yes, it actually works. here’s the original post from 7 years ago (wow). 

norwex cloths

among the phrases in this search term were things like “home cleaning” and “private parts”…. when i first used norwex cloths in 2013, it was because a rep provided them to me to review. i ended loving them so much that i purchased a pack with my own money. those washcloths are still in my bathroom to this day, lovingly being used and in great shape. highly recommend! 

dragon’s blood

dragon what? what blood? good ol croton lechleri sap is fantastic for skin-support. i first wrote about it here, but it’s now found in countless green beauty products. and guys – it can be used undiluted on skin as a liquid bandaid. super cool!

msm face mask

methylsulfonylmethane (msm) is a sulfur compound that is great both externally and internally. if you want to learn more and try it in an exfoliating mask, try this post. if you want to combine it with anti-inflammatory powerhouse turmeric, try this post. and if you want something moisturizing and skin-softening, try this post. happy mixing!

hydrojelly face mask 

hydro-gel face masks have become my favorite, since i live in a high-altitude, dry, polluted city. think: 100% Pure but make it DIY. they’re easy to customize and easy to make, making them a fun diy tailored for your skin needs. the coolest part is they come right off with no scrubbing and no mess. i usually make/use these every other week. here’s a post

water-only washing 

while i personally can’t follow this method anymore, because i live in a high-altitude, dry, and polluted city, i think it’s a fantastic option for those that can. it’s exactly what it sounds like, and no, you won’t end up stinking. my hair ended up shinier and softer than ever, and could actually hold a curl. here’s a post on w.o.w. for hair and one for body

(product name) dupe

i do have a formulation educational series on this blog, which took inspiration from actual green beauty products on the market. while no companies or product names are used, it’s a nice series on learning to read ingredient labels and understand how that translates into a formula. it’s also a nice starting point for those wanting to get into diys, but don’t know where to start. here’s the full series. there’s lot of good info in those posts, if i do say so myself!


anything else you’re curious about? maybe we’ll have part 3 in another year 😉


oMega-glow face mask

happy sunday, crunchies! i’m so excited to finally share this face mask with you!

this mask is packed with omega-3/6/7/9 and serves up some serious glow and hydration. as if that wasn’t enough, it also fights fine lines, skin issues like eczema and acne, discoloration, and even helps with skin elasticity and under-eye discoloration. 

this mask has been my go-to beautifying mask lately. it’s gently exfoliating and leaves me glowing. i can definitely tell a difference from using this, even after the first time. my face always feels so velvety afterwards. 

best of all – it’s easy to make and any skin type can benefit from it!

let’s meet the synergistic ingredients that truly ‘feed” your skin:

  • hawaiian spirulina – a nutritious blue-green algae chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids
  • raw chia seed oil – an extremely lightweight and nutritious oil, full of omega fatty acids 3/6/9
  • supercritical sea buckthorn seed oil – potent source omega 3/6/9 and antioxidants
  • sea buckthorn berry oil – contains the rare omega 7 and other vitamins
  • ginger essential oil – warming; promotes circulation and absorption of the mask’s nutrients; improves skin tone and elasticity
  • geranium essential oil – promotes circulation, evens skin tone, tightens skin; antibacterial and antimicrobial

how to:

  • mix 1 tsp spirulina with 1 tsp chia seed oil
  • add 5 drops supercritical sea buckthorn seed oil and 3 drops sea buckthorn berry oil
  • mix in 1 drop ginger eo and 1 drop geranium eo
  • let sit for 20 to 45 minutes, allowing your skin to absorb all the nutritive goodness 
  • enjoy weekly

i bet you knew it contained chia seed oil, given my obsession with it for all things head to toe. 

want an oMega-glow serum to use daily instead of a mask? leave out the spirulina and use the oil blend! please store in the fridge to keep the chia seed oil from going rancid. there are algae extract oils out there you can use if you still want to keep the additional renewing and nutritive properties from the spirulina.

tip 1: instead of using water to dampen your skin before applying this mask and after to wipe it off, use your favorite hydrosol. steeting clear of water will help you avoid moisture loss. i personally love rose water from Inflora Botanica.

tip 2: use a black washcloth to wipe this off, as the algae and sea buckthorn oils can stain fabric.

tip 3: spirulina and raw chia seed oil both need to be kept tightly sealed and stored in the fridge.

will you be trying this? do you already love and use any of these ingredients? leave your favorite nutritive face mask recipes below!

all my love,