weekly catch-up #2

  happy sunday, crunchies! are sundays your fun-days? or spa days? personally, i like to do absolutely nothing on sundays (if i'm not traveling)... just me and the cats... ROM/WATER-ONLY UPDATE. i've gotten a lot of questions about how ROM is going. this might get its own post soon because i still have a lot [...]

weekly catch-up #1

i'm trying something new here on AE - - a weekly catch-up! posting doesn't happen as often as i'd like. and plus, i want a way to connect with my readers more! if this is a total bust for you guys, please tell me, ok? okay. NEW 100% PURE MAKEUP. 100% Pure had this insane deal [...]

oil cleansing method motivation – molly’s story!

hey crunchies! in line with our wonderful no-poo motivation series, i have a great OCM motivation guest post here from Molly. her story is so relatable and inspirational! i hope it gives anyone that extra "oomph" to go for it and/or stick with it! ------------------------ I never thought I'd participate in anything “natural” or “eco-friendly.”  [...]