oil cleansing method motivation – molly’s story!

hey crunchies! in line with our wonderful no-poo motivation series, i have a great OCM motivation guest post here from Molly. her story is so relatable and inspirational! i hope it gives anyone that extra "oomph" to go for it and/or stick with it! ------------------------ I never thought I'd participate in anything “natural” or “eco-friendly.”  [...]

oil cleansing method

EDIT: this post is now nearly 6 years old. i have an updated, BETTER version here. i have tried so many face washes/cleansers/acne-get-ridders/etc... but each one has something i don't like about it. too drying, too oily, too many chemicals, not organic enough...etc, etc. well my friends, i have hit the facial cleaning jackpot! after lots and [...]