10 skincare mistakes

skincare routines are difficult to initially get down pat. i'm not sure how many trial-and-error routines i went through before i found what worked for me. it can be an uphill battle for anyone. and since it's your skin, it's what shows and can feed into your self-esteem (at least it does for me!). there are [...]

healing body acne

can you believe it's almost may already?! that means more sunshine, sun tea, shorts, and overall happiness... at least in my book. for me, the oncoming warm weather also used to make me nervous. why? as you know, i had really bad acne. it was on my face and all over my back! bacne has [...]

natural/organic soaps

welcome back to SKIN WEEK! this post, in contrast to yesterday, is all about natural/organic soaps. i know water-only washing isn't an option for some, and i didn't wanna leave ya hangin! this is a SMALL list of the organic/all-natural soaps you can find. there are TONS out there! liquid soaps ancient olive dr bronners loving [...]

water-only washing

welcome back to SKIN WEEK! day TWO! & yep, you read that title correctly. i've ditched my castile soap body wash. i've gone more hippie than i ever thought i'd go! *cue confusion* first, let's get one thing straight - I STILL SHOWER! okay. let's go- why switch to water-only washing? or at least try? [...]

homemade deodorants (without baking soda)

i've noticed a few of you are having some reactions to the baking soda. this isn't uncommon. i've since scoured the hills for some gentle homemade deodorant alternatives that are (of course) chemical-free and crunchy! > EDIT: 3/20/2019 - This post is from 2013 but is getting a lot of traffic recently. Since publishing, there [...]