i answer google search terms that brought people to my blog

happy saturday, crunchies.

i thought this would be a fun one! the highlight of reviewing my blog stats is getting to read what people searched to wind up on my blog.

so let’s answer some of the most popular ones, shall we?

no long intro – let’s get into it.


  • does the honey and cinnamon cleanse work?
    • short answer: studies indicate you can lose 0.5% to 1% body fat over the course of 30 days… OR you could just take a daily brisk walk.
    • longer answer: i posted about it here 6 years ago, when i still had access to my graduate research library.
  • how to get flawless skin
    • hmm “flawless”… i’m not sure i’ve ever encountered anyone with flawless skin. just accept and love yourself for what you are and have.
    • also important – try to eat a plant-based, whole foods diet with plenty of good fats, drink enough water, ensure you’re getting good quality sleep, find ways to reduce your stress, and keep your skincare routine simple (yet effective).
  • how do i get coconut oil out of my hair?
    • ooo girl, we’ve all been there. i’d advise you use a “green” conditioner a couple of times. i really like calia’s line of conditioners! if a coconut oil mask won’t come out of your hair after that, shampoo… and going forward, opt for small amounts of “dry” carrier oils on wet to damp hair, instead of a full blown hair and scalp mask.  i really like amaranth seed oil.
    • hello, 2014. yikes.



  • does shea butter have spf? 
    • do not try to make your own sunscreen. you have no idea if you’re properly protecting your skin, and to have that tested requires a formal panel, testing, and thousands of dollars. i like Badger Balm sunscreens for my body and Josh Rosebrook’s Daily Nutrient Cream for my face.
  • how to scritch and preen
    • i first wrote and made a video about this in, i think, 2013, before it blew up on the internet. the quality is terrible, but my sweet baby cat who passed away is in it, so i left it up. anyway, this process is tedious, but it does make your hair super soft and healthy. check it out here.
    • please laugh with me at this –

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 9.00.32 AM.png


  • oil cleansing method before and after
    • aw, this one kind of got me in feels, because i wrote the original OCM post when my blog first starting blowing up.
    • look at grad school me – ocmprepost.jpeg
  • red raspberry seed oil sunscreen
    • no. i mean, does published research indicate red raspberry seed oil has SPF properties? well, sure, yes. but i’m embarrassed and disappointed in myself that years ago i posted DIYs about this. any company advertising sun protection from red raspberry seed oil legally needs to have passed the required, and very expensive, SPF testing. ask if they have. i’ve seen a few brands sell face oil blends illegally claiming SPF protection. it’s important to be an educated consumer and support ethical brands.
    • real life example of an illegal product information claim: “Although Glow Illuminizing Oil does not carry an SPF rating, we’ve packed it with organic SPF oils that naturally protect your skin from uv rays and also prevent damage, heal and regenerate skin cells.
  • list of carrier oils
    • i have an updated OCM post here that covers my favorite carrier oils that are all truly non-comedogenic and low in oleic acid (so people with acne-prone skin can safely use)
    • includes, but is not limited to: hemp seed oil, amaranth seed oil, prickly pear seed oil
  • is baking soda bad for your hair?
    • short answer: yes – it’s a pH problem. i encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions for your self-care 🙂
    • yes, i know… i posted 6 or 7 years ago about how i was only washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar, and all i can do now is say “i’m sorry” and offer better DIYs and other options available for purchase. everyone has done things that make them cringe.
  • can i use witch hazel as deodorant?
    • yes! i have some DIYs here.

sending you love.




easy DIY spray deodorant

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label.

warm weather can mean extra sweating and extra smelling for some of us! i usually stick to my homemade deodorant made up of coconut oil, kaolin clay, and essential oils, which works swimmingly. however, in higher temperatures, i’ve found coconut oil to feel greasier than usual when used as deodorant… and that could very well just be me!

here’s a very easy DIY spray deodorant that’s anti-inflammatory (if you shave your underarms), anti-bacterial, and anti-stink.

easy DIY spray deodorant

please do consult your healthcare professional and local certified herbalist and aromatherapist to ensure any herbs and EOs used are okay for you (no contraindications for any ailments). 


  • high quality salt (himalayan pink salt; Real Salt; etc.)
  • witch hazel
  • apple cider vinegar
  • essential oil(s) of your choice


  • in a small bowl or cup, add 1/2 tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of acv, 5 tablespoons witch hazel, and 5-8 drops of an EO of your choice.
  • mix well until salt is dissolved.
  • put into spray container. apply to underarms and enjoy!

i have found this to be most effective when applied 2 times. i spray once, let it dry, and spray again.

my favorite combo so far has been peach witch hazel with lemon EO. it smells just like peach lemonade, and the smell of acv is completely (pinky swear) masked!

BONUS – this spray is also great for breakouts on your back and chest! spray onto dry skin wherever you have breakouts, and let air dry. reapply up to 2 times a day to diminish existing blemishes, and use once daily for upkeep. this will definitely be a necessity for me in the upcoming southern heat!

have you ever tried a salt deodorant spray? what are your favorite scent combinations? what have you found to be most effective at combating underarm stink?


soothing dry/itchy scalp rinse

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

with this winter being one of the hardest in a long time, keeping my hair and skin moisturized has been at the top of my list!
since i only use water to wash my hair, i couldn’t use my beloved coconut oil on my scalp. but i still needed extra moisture! so what is a gal to do?

DIY her own scalp rinse. duh 😉

soothing scalp rinse

this rinse is for anyone battling a flaky, itchy, dry scalp at any point in time, using ANY hair washing method. it doesn’t matter if you’re no-poo, low-poo, clay ‘poo, water-only, etc… this rinse is safe to use!

what’s in this rinse?

  • raw honey – acts as a humectant and draws in moisture
  • undistilled alcohol-free witch hazel – soothes an irritated and itchy scalp and helps combat dryness (if you don’t use alcohol-free, it will dry out your scalp even more. it also needs to be undistilled to ensure the tannins are still present in the liquid)
  • rose water – reduces inflammation and helps combat dryness
  • distilled water
  • pure aloe vera gel- great moisturizer and soothes itch (you can most certainly add this, but to store your mix in the shower, don’t use aloe. otherwise, store it in the fridge!)


  • mix 1 1/4 cups of warm, distilled water with 1/2 tablespoon raw honey until the honey is mixed well into the water
  • add 1 tablespoon alcohol-free witch hazel,  1/2 cup pure aloe, and 1 tsp rose water
  • mix well and pour into a plastic squeezy bottle so it can be applied directly to your scalp
  • after washing (whatever that may be for you) or wetting your hair, apply it to your scalp in sections, rubbing in for a few seconds in each spot.
  • let it sit for a few minutes (5 to 10) and rinse well in cool water


this mix should be enough to use for 2 or 3 rinses. you may keep the rinse in a bottle in your shower for a couple weeks. no need to worry about anything spoiling (unless you added aloe)!

also, be sure to never wash or wet your hair in hot water! this will dry out both your hair and scalp, as well as cause typical heat damage to your strands!

now go give this rinse a try 🙂

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razor bump remedy

one of my guy friends always got some sort of razor bumps when he shaved. naturally, i felt the need to help him with a little hippie magic 😉

this is great for both guys and gals, and all your need-to-be-shaved parts.

all-natural razor bump remedy

this is a 3-step process, but it’s so worth it! and it’ll make your skin/his skin smooth as a baby’s butt!

what can you use this for:

  • any areas you get razor bumps
  • exfoliation
  • post-shaving moisturizer


  • salt (finely ground)
  • emu oil
  • coconut oil
  • aloe
  • witch hazel (alcohol-free)
  • EOs – optional, to make it smell more “manly” or more “feminine” (but use very little!). you can use certain EOs for certain purposes as well (for example, tea tree oil for breakouts, and lavender for antibacterial/antifungal goodness)


* pre-shave exfoliant – mix 3 parts fine salt with 1 part coconut oil (however much you need to cover the area you’ll need it for). the salt acts as an exfoliant, helping to reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps, and the coconut oil soothes, heals, and moisturizes skin, while providing some antibacterial action for the razor bumps.
* shaving oil – plain ol’ emu oil. it soothes and heals skin with its abundance of vitamin e and fatty acids. it helps with scarring, redness, and inflammation. and of course, it moisturizes.
* post-shaving moisturizer and healer – mix 2 parts aloe to 1 part witch hazel. dab over areas prone to razor bumps. these 2 ingredients will heal your skin and reduce irritation.

STEP 1 : before you shave

  • apply exfoliant to damp skin and rub in circular motions for 2 minutes. don’t press down on your skin too firmly
  • gently wipe off with a warm, wet washcloth until it’s completely rinsed off

STEP 2 : for shaving

  • apply emu oil to damp skin and rub in circular motions for 30 seconds
  • shave as normal
  • wipe excess oil (if any) off with a warm, wet washcloth

STEP 3 : after you shave

  • dab moisturizer/healer mix onto the freshly shaved area/s with a cotton ball.
  • allow to air dry
  • this can be used 1 to 3 times a day, as needed.

DONE! so easy and effective!

last note – if you’re using razors, make sure that they are sharp and clean. you don’t want any jagged or dull blades. those will cause hairs to not be properly shaved, and can push them back into the skin, causing more razor bumps and ingrown hairs!

what do you think? are you gonna try it for yourself or make some for the men in your life? 🙂

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homemade deodorants (without baking soda)

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

i’ve noticed a few of you are having some reactions to the baking soda. this isn’t uncommon. i’ve since scoured the hills for some gentle homemade deodorant alternatives that are (of course) chemical-free and crunchy!

> EDIT: 3/20/2019 – This post is from 2013 but is getting a lot of traffic recently. Since publishing, there has been an explosion of “green” deodorants available for purchase. Schmidt’s is currently the brand I use (baking soda-free options). It’s sold at Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc. 

chemical-free homemade spray OR roll-on deodorant (no baking soda or coconut oil)

this post is sort-of kicking off SKIN WEEK (which will be longer than a week, btw. i have so much to share with you guys!! so it might be “skin weekS”), so get excited about that!

is there anything wrong with my other homemade deo? absolutely not! i still use it! i have recently added arabian rose to mine and LOVE it! i just want to give readers with more sensitive skin some options 🙂 also, if you travel a lot or live in a warmer climate, these recipes won’t run all over your clothes like the coconut oil recipe will. yay!

witch hazel & aloe deodorant spray (from Tristin, an AE reader!)

  • in a spray bottle, mix 2 parts witch hazel with 1 part aloe vera
  • add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice (tristin used lavender! i think grapefruit or rose would be lovely, too! clary sage and tea tree oil are recommended as the EOs that would most work to cover BO. but if you’re busy creating a little human inside you, please do NOT use clary sage!!! aka, avoid clary sage if you’re pregnant.)
  • shake to mix ingredients and spray on your ‘pits!

distilled water & witch hazel deodorant spray

  • in a spray bottle, add 2 parts distilled water and 1 part witch hazel
  • add any EOs of your choice
  • shake to mix ingredients, and spray away!

apple cider vinegar and witch hazel deodorant spray

  • in a spray bottle, add 1 part acv, 6 parts distilled water, and 1/3 part witch hazel
  • add some EO drops of your choice
  • shake to mix ingredients, and spray away!

and of course you can add up to 1/4 part baking soda to the first 2 recipes (just make sure it dissolves) if you’d like, and if you’re not sensitive to baking soda.

and you also can of course put this in a rolly-ball container instead of a spray bottle. much more travel-friendly, right?